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Financial Moves: Nancy Pelosi's Husband Discloses Significant Tra

Namra Pervaiz
4 Jul 2024 · 2 minutes read

Nancy Pelosi, who served as the 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives and currently represents California’s 11th Congressional District, has always been a prominent figure in American politics. Known for her leadership and long tenure, Pelosi now holds the title of Speaker Emerita of the House.

There is also one other title that Pelosi infamously holds: ‘Most profitable Congress Trader’, and it's attributed to a long line of stock and other asset trades made by her husband, Paul Pelosi. While other Congress members have also made noteworthy investments in several high market cap companies, the Pelosis' trades have often garnered the most media attention particularly because of their high values.

Recently, she disclosed four transactions enacted by Paul Pelosi, who is an investment professional. These transactions reveal a keen interest in technology and AI-driven stocks, alongside strategic divestments in other major companies.

Paul Pelosi’s disclosed trades between June 24 and July 1 include:

The trading activities of Congress members and their spouses have faced scrutiny, with calls for a ban on individual stock trading due to potential access to sensitive information. However, Pelosi has consistently opposed such legislation, emphasizing the importance of a free-market economy. In December 2021, she asserted, "They should be able to participate in that." Moreover, in July 2022, she denied allegations of insider trading involving her husband, stating, "Absolutely not."

Adding to her financial prowess, Nancy Pelosi’s portfolio has reached an all-time high, according to Quiver Quantitative. Her investments have grown by an estimated $23 million year-to-date, which is an astonishing 130 times her annual salary.

Tracking the trades of Nancy Pelosi and other Congress members has even led to the creation of ETFs that mimic their stock transactions, underscoring the influence of their financial moves.